Improve your Effective Presentation and Facilitation Soft Skills

JCI Casablanca organized a training session the 22, 23 and 24  November, in order to provide you the tools for an effective presentation and to master facilitation skills.

International Entrepreneurs and business trainers, IVO HAASE and Alexander Otner shared useful knowledge in 3 days using activities and workshops, which brought you fun and unique experiences and enable you to become transformational leaders.

Benefits of this training
This course was developed using the “Delivering with Wow” techniques from Dale Carnegie that will enable you to:

1. Learn the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation using visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience.
2. Expand your presentation skills in order to make better project reports and intervene during client meetings, and presentation
3. Discover necessary techniques for effectively sharing message and managing discussions within stakeholder, members or organization
4. Practice the techniques that enable you to deliver an engaging performance that empowers and strengthens members, their organizations to continue making impact in the communities they serve.
5. Help you to ensure high quality trainers in JCI or in your community using modern techniques.

Who should attend this training
This training is designed for those who need to sharpen their presentation and facilitation skills at a higher level. The first course on presentation is required to attend the facilitation course.