Tricyle Competition

Tricyle Competition

Recycling is one of the best and effective ways to keep the environment impregnable. Because only reusing can lower the amount of waste and save the natural resources for the future. Less landfill trash can save air and water from polluting.
Thus, JCI Casablanca is pleased to announce the organization of « Tricyle competition » dedicated to nature lovers and everyone who is taking care of the environment. The aim of this competition is to recycle objects from everyday life in a creative way. To participate, you need to send us a picture (s) of the final recycled item and a video explaining the steps you followed in recycling.

Two winners were announced as « The most Eco-Friendly person » as well as they  received a special gift.

Winner 1 : M. Nizar SBAIH

Click here to watch vidéo : https://youtu.be/X-NJqTPvBdQ


Winner 2 :  M. Miloud EL JIRARI

Click here to watch vidéo : https://youtu.be/65kn-Und3Z8